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 desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment

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PostSubject: desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment   Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:52 pm

VOTE IN DA POLE AFTER YOU READ!this guide is very (beep)ing long, dont read it unless u have a lot of time on ur hands. also i took some of this off other guides. but very little.

reccomended skills: 90+ combat, 43+ prayer is EXTREMELY RECCOMENDED!!!! [if you do not have it you are pretty much either guaranteed to die, or need to have a lot of luck! No], 60+ magic, 60+ defence, 70+hp and a good agility level. keep in mind these are just reccomendations

items needed: 20+ Prayer Potions (4 dose); 10-15 Shantay Passes, Waterskins (4) ; Charcoal; Tinder Box; a Pestle and Mortar; Spice/Gnome Spice; a Cake; 1 Silver Bar; 1 Blood Rune; Climbing Boots; Spiked Boots (go to ice guide if you need these); a Facemask; 1-50+ Lockpicks; 6 Molten Glass; 6 Steel Bars; some Ashes; 12 Magic Logs; 1 set of Normal Bones; the Ice Gloves; and a few 1000gp. Please note this guide is devided into many parts as it is VERY freaking long.
Sleep bored eh? ok heres what you do to start

Part 1: omg theres treasure in the desert! (apetizer)
items needed: waterskins, around 3k gp, desert robes, 12 mage logs, 6 steel bars, 6 molten glass, 1 Blood Rune, some Ashes, some Normal Bones, and Charcoal, be sure to note all of the items in red.[img]

Mad Sleep wake up! -hits in head with a frying pan- Laughing Shocked

hopfully u know the start, go to the Archaeologist in the desert at bendabin camp. Talk to him, if he gets annoying to you flick him off lol! he wants you to take some notes to the Terry Balando, the Archaeological Expert at the Exam Center. Do so and talk to him again. then, go back to the wierd guy in the desert. He'll want you to go south to the bandit camp (make sure ur not wearing a zamorak or saradomin cape!) talk to the bartender and buy a beer for 650 coins. Then talk to him again. Go to Elbis who is slightly east in the camp. Youll hand over all the extra junk that u had to note to him but you have to use them on him or it wont work. talk to him again, go to the top of the hill slightly south and look into each of the 6 mirrors (this is where you have to go).

following next, is the 4 diamonds, note: The armour is only suggested not required
note: When you get a diamond bank as soon as possible or a lvl 95 stranger will come out of nowhere with a dd(s) and try to own you. This will only happen if you have a diamond so bank asap.
The diamonds are in order from easiest to hardest (in my opinion) but they can be done in any order
And you may use a farmiliar, but it wastes to much time and effort and isnt needed. not reccomended.

Part 2: Fareed-smoke diamond (main course starts)

What you need:
3-5 Super Energy Potions (4)
3-5 Prayer Potions (4)
Air or Water Runes (depending on which staff you take)
Death or Blood runes (depending on if you can use Water Wave)
snare/bind/entangle runes if your pure
Food, monkfish or shark reccomended.
1 Waterskin (4)
1 Tinder Box
1 Shanty Pass (unless you use the Camulet), don't forget to unequip your weapon for the Carpet Ride
1 tele tab (house preffered)

equipment preffered: (no armour is needed except facemask due to no damage taken with protect from melee but it saves a few pray points and kills him faster)
Helm- Facemask-you must wear this to survive in this dungeon
Cape- God Cape or a Spotty/Spottier cape
Amulet- Holy/Unholy, Magic, or Glory/fury
Arrows- N/A
Weapon- Air/Water Staff . if you do not have ice gloves dont use a weapon!
Body- Monk Robe or Mystic
Shield- god book
Legs- Monk Robe or Mystic
Gloves- Ice Gloves if you have done heroes, if not, mystic or combat brace, etc.
Boots- Boots of Lightness
Ring- Recoil or life

First go to the bandit camp where you saw the mirrors. heat COMPLETELY east, around 1 minute later, youll reach a well. Go down it.

Go completely south then slightly north and youll reach a big room with fire giants and in the middle is a chest. Click on the chest and there will be a note. Now go the the farthest northeast corner and light the torch, run to the southeast corner and light that torch, then the northwest one, then the south west one, drink super energy when you are under 50% energy. You will make it easily if you don't get lost. As soon as they are all lit run back to the chest and open it. If all the torches are still lit then you will be able to, if not then you will have to try again. Dust devils and fire elementals wont usually attack you automatically, but be careful of fire giants, specially in the room with the chest Sleep if your like this guy, wake up! time 2 fight fareed! When you have the key out of the chest go to the room COMPLETELY east in the dougeon.

Fareed is lvl 167 with 130hp.
open it and protect from melee! He also using a weak magic attack but this is rare. Just water blast/wave him if you can. If your pure and not 43 pray, do the following 1 of 2 options. 1) get a friend to block. this 1 is simpler but might not work, if you do get a blocker with experience doing this. 2) run across the room from 1 corner to another. keep water blasting him. Also bring bind/snare runes!!! When he hits you eat! pures may have a tough time on fareed. Take the diamond and 1 down 3 to go! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy congradsulations Exclamation oh and BANK emidiantly after grabbing the diamond.

Part 3: Dessous-blood diamond
If you've made it this far you probably are a nerd with no life! but on to more important matters,

what you need: Silver bar, spices, garlic, it is highly reccomended you have a friend with canfis tele in his house as you will save about 20 mins of time walking. dont wear armour yet!!

At canfis, go inside the bar and speak to the vampire-thing named Malak.

An annoying cutseen will happen but try not to blow up your computer. Talk to him again, and he will talk about how to kill dessous. Take the silver bar to Draynor, go to just west of the jail and go down into the sewer, head north until you come to a room with an anvil. Talk to Ruantun in the room and he will make you a silver pot. Now go inside the chuch on entrena (this is why no armour yet). Talk to the high priest in the church, he will bless your silver pot. Go back to Malak with your spices and garlic. He will inflict 5 damage to you (make sure you have more than 5hp...). Use the spices and garlic on the pot. The name of the pot won't change but examine it to see whats inside.
Because im nice im gunna tell you all 3 styles for killing blood because many people havnt used mage. i personally meleed him. What a Face

MAGE (some pures might use this)
Helm- Farseer /mystic/ghostly
Cape- God Cape/spotty if you havnt done mage arena
Amulet- Amulet of Glory/Holy/Unholy/fury
Arrows- N/A
Weapon- Earth/air staff prefered
Body- ghostly (pure) or Mystic Robes (non pure)
Shield- god book
Legs- ghostly or Mystic Robes
Gloves- mystic or ghostly
Boots- Mystic/ghostly or lightness
Ring- Recoil or life

MELEE (probably 60+ attack and str)
Helm- Berserker/Neitiznot (additional prayer bonus)
Cape- Obsidian/Legends
Amulet- Amulet of Glory/fury/holy/unholy
Arrows- N/A
Weapon- Dragon scimmy/whip
Body- Proselyte/initiate
Shield- god book/rune defender
Legs- Proselyte/Rune
Gloves- combat bracelet/regen brace/rfd gloves (recipe for disaster)
Boots- Climbing Boots/dragon boots
Ring- Recoil or life

RANGED (most pures use this but u can be unpure too) (probably need 60+)
Helm- Archer/anything else for pures
Cape- ava's accumulator from animal magnetism preffered or spotty cape
Amulet- Amulet of Glory/fury
Arrows- depending on your bow, id estimate 100, but bring 150 incase, i may be way off i didnt range.
Weapon- Magic Short Bow/Crystal Bow/Karil's Crossbow/rune cbow etc.
Body-Dragonhide or leather for pures
Shield-god book
Gloves- d hide vambs/cb brace for pures
Boots- Snakeskin/ranger/lightness
Ring- Recoil or life
if your a pure, it is highly reccomended you use a cannon as it is very tough. Also look at the pure way in the guide for the blood dude.

Inventory (non pure):
Pot of blood
Druid pouches reccomended
1 range pot (4) for range
1 super str and att pot (4) for melee
a few pray pots, id bring 2 (4)
you need a friend if your a pure for it to be very helpful
the rest food, sharks reccomended.

inventory (pure)
pot of blood
cannon parts
cannonballs, id bring 60
1 range 4 dose if ranging
tele tab
the rest sharks

Dessous is lvl 139 with 200hp.

Dessous: go to the graveyard following the path shown below.

The red path is only if you've done in search of the myreque. Blue is for any1 else.

when you get there, pot up if you brought pots pray melee and use ur pot on the tomb. He will come up and he is sweet looking. just own him and eat whenever u need to, as he hits constant 5s.

(pure) When you get there set-up your cannon (which is extremely reccomended!) It is highly preffered to have a friend, as if you dont, run all over the gates trying to stay away from him. If you do have a friend run here:

Your friend will run 1 step left, if sucessful, dessous will be trapped, trying to teleport, but unable to get to you via melee. You could also do this method if you arent a pure, but it may take like 3 tries to be sucessful, so if you can pray, do it! If you fail and teleport out, youll have to redo the making of the pot of blood. so it is reccomended you be careful!

when you've owned the son of a noob, go back to Malak to recieve your blood diamond. congrads! your 2/4 of the way done.

part 4: kamil-ice diamond

items needed:
cannon and 60+ canonballs for pures (reccomended)
around 6-7 super restores (4) for nonpures, a few less if you are pure. (NOT PRAY POTS!)
1 cake (you could bank after for extra food, not reccomended though)
spiked boots (see below in guide) if you do not have, you need an iron bar and a spare climbing boots
Fire or air runes, depending on your staff.
Chaos runes, Death runes (lvl 66+), blood runes (lvl 82+) (bring enough to kill the trolls)
the rest sharks
If your a pure, bind, or snare (lvl 57+), or entangle (lvl 86+) are reccomended, if so use lava staff
For pures, a friend.

armour needed
Helm- Farseer/mystic/ghostly
Cape- God Cape
Amulet- Amulet of Glory/Magic/Holy/Unholy/fury
Arrows- N/A
Weapon- Air/fire/lava staff for pures
Body- ghostly or Mystic
Shield- god book
Legs- ghostly or Mystic
Gloves- combat brace/mystic/ghostly
Boots- Mystic/ghostly/climbing
Ring- Recoil or life

For spiked boots, go to the smithers house in burthope with an iron bar and a spare pair of climbing boots. the smither's name is dunstan.

You can't put them on yet however. just keep them in your inventory. Please note that before you leave, you'll need extra runes to kill the trolls if you forgot.

Kamil is lvl 154 with 130hp.

This is where it is extremely helpful if you've done edgars ruse. You can use Trollhelm teleport and your bassicly there. to get enough in inv, teleport to trollhelm, drop 2 sharks, tele to varrock, bank, get full inv of sharks, tele to trollhelm again, and pick up your sharks. If you can't teleport to Trollhelm, you'll have to walk the long path like you did in troll stronghold quest. remember to watch out for the thrower trolls on the way there! geek

red=normal path
blue=path via trollhelm teleport

When you get there speak with the troll child, give him the cake. If you wish to go rebank for some dumb reason, go do so. Proceed through the gate and your run immediantly hits 0. protect from melee. if your pure set up your can and hide. kill the trolls one by one. Your stats will start to drain, this is where restore pots become necessary. Also, if your a pure let your friend protect you from some of the trolls. it is helpful to bank when you kill the trolls, if your a pure. do so if you wish.
When you've killed 5, go through the tunnel. follow the path. When you come to the wolves, either let your friend help block (pures) or protect melee (normal). AS SOON AS YOUR DONE WITH THE WOLF PATH KAMIL WILL APPEAR! PROTECT MELEE IF YOU CAN! if your non-pure this is fairly easy, just keep protect from melee on (dont switch to mage!) and fire blast him. Eat when necessary.

For pures with a friend:
It is reccomended you run to the rock in the middle immidiantly. Stay on 1 side of the rock while kamil is on the other. Have your friend stand on the north side of the rock as he may teleport around. This may fail, if it does retry, if it still doesnt work then well...idk what to tell ya. lol! If your a pure you might want to set up your cannon if you brought one (which is reccomended).
Once he is dead, follow the trail which i south i believe...tbh i dont remember exactly, but just keep clicking all over your radar youll find it. Put on your spiked boots now or when you get to the ice path (i dont remember when to that either) tongue Eventually youll get to the ice path, where you need to get on. Follow the path [guys ill instert pics here later] youll fall serveral times taking damage. At the end youll reach another gate. follow that, and youll see the troll child's parents. use fire spells on them to rescue them. congratulations! after you talk to the parents, 3/4 diamonds complete!!!! 1 more to go!!!!!!!

Part 5: shadow diamond (finishing the main corse)

if you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back specially if your a pure..........................
HAHA just kidding, or am i? Now go to part 2 guys.
First, clan pick (blame leon he wanted me to post it =P)

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PostSubject: Re: desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment   Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:11 am

Nice guide, I will use it once I start DT. I did vote on it earlier sorry I didn't comment, = /
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PostSubject: Re: desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment   Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:02 am

Pretty nice. If I was member, I'd follow it.
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PostSubject: Re: desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment   Thu Dec 25, 2008 11:30 pm

i like how i am in it =P

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PostSubject: Re: desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment   

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desert treasure (part 1, finished) ugh why doesnt anybody comment
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