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 Woodcutting for xp or money

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PostSubject: Woodcutting for xp or money   Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:38 am

For the best woodcutting xp you should chop willows.
  • You can start cutting willows at lvl 30
    When you hit lvl 60 it is still better to cut willows than yews due to the fact that yews take awile to cut
    It is also the fastest xp to get to lvl 99 woodcutting

Places to Cut willows
For non-members the best place to cut for willows is draynor, but it is usually always crowded
They are also some trees right near the river next to the lumbridge smith
And there are some near the river in edgeville
If you dont know where edgeville is it is north of the barb. village

Now for members there are the willows near the barb. assult
This is probably the easiest place to lvl up and probably the fasted due to the deposite bank in the barb. assult.

For money in woodcutting

For non-members, yews are the best for money but they are very crowded around nonmembers. But you also need lvl 60 wc

They are many locations for nonmembers for yew but they usually have 1 tree so it makes competition and it takes awile to get a full load

For members, maples, yews and magic logs can make you money. For maples you need lvl 45, for yews you need lvl 60, and for magic lvl 75.

Maples are good for money because they are somewhat easy to cut and a lot faster than yews and magic logs. You can also sell in non-members which makes them a great demand in the nonmember worlds. The location for maples are in seers due to the fact of the many maples in the back of the bank.

Yews are alot easier to get to in members due to the vast numbers throughout the runescape world. They are slower to cut than maples but are faster than cutting magic trees. They are alot more per log than maples. Some locations are South of seers, cemetary in seers, and in gnome stronghold.

Magic logs are the second highest logs you can cut, but the cursed magic logs are not worth cutting due to the high lvl need to cut them. They are the best for money since they sell for a high price, but they take awile to cut them. You would be better off cutting yews because they are faster to cut and on average you cut more yews than magic per hour so you make more by cutting yews per hour. For those who cut magic trees there are a few locations, outside of sorcers house, gnome stronghold, ect. (not really sure where else) Neutral

Thank you for reading my guide on woodcutting, add anything that i missed


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PostSubject: Re: Woodcutting for xp or money   Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:47 pm

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Woodcutting for xp or money
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