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 barrows guide (updated but not even close to finished)

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PostSubject: barrows guide (updated but not even close to finished)   Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:56 am

Barrows is a source of money making for many people, even if you do not get fruquent barrows items you can still make money if you get lots of runes. This is why it is important for most people. It is important to have done desert treasure if your going to do barrows! It saves a load of time because you can just teleport to canfis and bank. It also helpful if you have canfis tele in your house (50 construction required). If you are low combat saying below 75-80, i wouldnt reccomend going. For mage id reccomend 60 mage [for more mage tips visit my mage guide]

There are 2 main styles people use at barrows. Mage for people with low attack and str. And melee if your higher (probably 85+ reccomended but you can still use as it does save money on runes)
Mage (magic dart, 55 slayer and 50 mage required)
Higher risk: Lower risk:
helm Verac's Farseer/Neitznot
Amulet fury/god stole glory/magic/power
Plate Verac's initiate(pray bonus)/rune
legs Verac's initiate/proselyte/rune
cape Fire cape/obsidian/god cape god cape
arrows (youll be ranging) 200 bolt racks for a few trips 200 addy arrows for a few trips
weapon Slayer staff of course Slayer staff
Shield Unholy book/book of ballance rune kite/god book
gloves barrows if youve done rfd/regin brace combat brace/mystic gloves
boots wizard mystic
ring Seers (wealth doesnt work at barrows) life (wealth doesnt effect it)

Mage (non slayer dart)
Higher risk: Lower risk:
helm Ahrims Farseer/mystic
Amulet fury/god stole glory/magic/power
Plate Ahrims mystic
legs Ahrims Mystic
Cape God cape God cape
Arrows 200 bolt racks 200 addy
Weapon staff of your spell Staff of your spell
Shield Unholy book/book of ballance Rune kite/god book
Gloves Barrows/regin brace Combat brace/mystic
Boots wizard mystic
Ring seers life (wealth doesnt work)
Spell God spell (charge included)/fire wave air wave/fire bolt/any blast

Melee (for people with 80+ attack and str reccomended or people who wunna save a little money but waste time) Its reccomended to have veracs but you dont need it.
Higher risk lower risk
Helm Veracs neitznot/serker
ammy fury glory/power/str
plate Veracs Initiate reccomended or rune
legs Verac's initiate or proselyte reccomended/rune
cape fire cape obsidian/legend
arrows 200 bolt racks 200 addy arrows
weapon dds but others in inv (see invetory) dds/whip or d scim
shield obsidian (toktz-ket-xil) Rune defender or kite
gloves barrows/regin combat brace
boots Dragon Climbing/rune
ring serker life

Prayer pots (youll have to experiment how many to bring), but for your first time id bring 4 (you may only use 1-2 but just incase) and adjust your inventory later.
Spade is a must
Teleport is a high reccomendation...
Black d hide (to range ahrims is reccomended) top and bottom
magic shortbow (same reason and why you equiped arrows)
Initiate top and bottom (or proselyte tasset) meleeing karil is reccomended
dragon scimmy/whip
obby shield or rune defender is optional
monkfish (lvl 90+) shark (lvl 89-)


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PostSubject: Re: barrows guide (updated but not even close to finished)   Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:22 pm

nicee guide cheers

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barrows guide (updated but not even close to finished)
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