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 r3plkeeper quitting

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PostSubject: r3plkeeper quitting   Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:02 pm

keeper was like my best friend on rs and now hes quitting. says hes too old even though hes only 17 and zezima is like 23.
i dont know why i am making this, but have a good life keeper. Keeper is going on an itally trip till 1/07/09 where after a day or 2 he'll quit for absolute good. I'm planning on making him a quitting vid and a HUGE party which me and caen will talk about hopfully making him not quit. he'll get on very rarely to talk but not much at all.

sorry your quitting and you have so much left to do on rs. have a good party and hopfully hell enjoy his last 1-2 days on rs =)
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r3plkeeper quitting
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