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 magic guide (1-99) vote in the pole!

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PostSubject: magic guide (1-99) vote in the pole!   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:57 pm

When your done remember to vote in the pole at the top!!!!!Magic guide levels 1-99 for rich people, and more on the cheaper side study
levels 1-13 (cheap/expensive) Use these spells on lower level monsters, like goblins cyclops
at level 1, its pretty simple, as you can only do 1 thing, use wind strike.
lvl 5-8: water strike
lvl 9-12: earth strike What a Face
lvl 13: fire strike :
levels 13-55(expensive) The higher level spells you could go to things such as the lesser demon at the wizard tower (top floor)
level 13-17 fire strike Basketball
level 17-22: wind bolt jocolor
level 23-28: Water bolt cheers
lvl 29-34: Earth bolt santa
level 35-40: Fire bolt afro
level 41-44/46: Air bolt flower
at 45+ whats extremely fast experience but cost a LOAD is camelot teleport, you could do this to 99 though if u did it from lvl 45-99 it would cost about 80M cash Shocked No it also gets boring Sleep
if you do not camelot teleport, continue to use the best spell you can until lvl 55 mage.
Levels 13-55 (on the cheaper side)
You could either use battle spells (any one you choose) or do some of the following
level 19:(you need a mud bstaff though) this way is extremely cheap if you have a mud battlestaff. You get about 30 exp per cast and it only cost 10gp. Get the worst mage bonus u can (i mean Like a Star @ heaven REALLY LOW Like a Star @ heaven ), your mud bstaff (not mystic staff!). Go to edge in the house with all the men. continue casting curse spells on them. If you are pure, safespot them. If you hit with curse, u probably dont have a low enough mage bonus. However, this way is very slow. You could aos use stun though its much more costly. santa geek queen king sunny pirat rabbit Basketball rendeer
Level 25+ teletabs are so cheap that you actually make money Very Happy ! many people do this but you need someone elses house with a lectern to do it. (unless you have one). To make a teletab, you need the runes for the spell and 1 soft clay, so youll have to bank a bunch. If you have one, do the following. Get a butler (not to slow and not to costly) and send him to the bank to unnote soft clay as you make tabs. this way, you dont have to bank and its fairly cheap. Camelot tabs are good exp and money, the most commonly made only u need 45 mage to make them. pig clown
level 55 mage (cheap or expensive) pig
At 55 mage plus, it is best to alch, its semi afkable, cheap, and battle or other spells just take 2 long. Basketball Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Cool Razz
if you have LOADS (im talking 10s of mils) to completely waste, but want so fast exp that isnt even funny, go to the abyss, and use ice burst/barrage. The experience is extremely fast but is 1k per spell, even for burst! not reccomended unless u have loads to waste. You could continue making tele-tabs or camelot teleporting if you wish. these are good options too. Basketball
elephant jocolor geek santa cheers sunny Very Happy study elephant rendeer
Armour rendeer affraid cat monkey drunken bom
For battle spells, use something like mystic or ahrims if you can, if not use normal blue robes. For curse/stun spells look above at the curse part of the guide, for alching, anything is aloud. If you think something is better please post a comment, im not 99 mage after all, only 94 geek
VOTE IN DA POLE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Very Happy
lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

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PostSubject: Re: magic guide (1-99) vote in the pole!   Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:13 pm

This is a good guide
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magic guide (1-99) vote in the pole!
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