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 runescape questions (i was bored)

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PostSubject: runescape questions (i was bored)   Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:16 pm

i made this cuz i was bored If you get all these right then...you get the satasfaction of doing them lol. Please dont post here, private message caen on the forums or me in game. NO CASH REWARD. These are only about 10 questions but w/e idc i was bored. Please dont post anything here. If you find an error or something pm me in game or on here or caen or something. NO RANK UPS

what item makes a dragonfire shield?
what is the highest magic lvl required spell? what is that level?

what is the max hit in the game (not including soul's bane, everything else goes)
what monster drops elite armour?

what is the 3rd highest lvl in the game? 2nd? 1st?
compared to MOST monsters, how much slayer experience would you get on a monster with 216hp?

extremely hard (TURN BACK NOW!)
how many questions have we had so far? lol jk
unscramble this sentence to get the question (its seperated by words, the words arent in order though)

no itsh dogo iifgugrn tuo obj =) when youve got it all, pm us.
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runescape questions (i was bored)
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