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 -> bandos hilt drop 3.7m split! <-

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PostSubject: -> bandos hilt drop 3.7m split! <-   Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:18 am

ye ye i know, i am rich and it isnt much for me. but i was AMAZED because of how rare etc. it is. Heres what happened, i joined a team. we had like 10 pple but like 4 were still getting kill count. so us 6 went in, lootshare turned on, and on our very first kill... this happened

however...i was EXTREMELY MAD because the kill before lootshare turned on, i got solo...(loot was bad)...if only...if only it woulda been 1 kill later...id have another 17m lol, oh well.
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-> bandos hilt drop 3.7m split! <-
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