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 Dr. Dre Beats Are Very Large

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PostSubject: Dr. Dre Beats Are Very Large   Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:06 am

I wanted these headphones as soon as I saw them .. dr dre beats headphone I'm a fan of studio space, and always hoped to issue uniform Ear. These are not as good as the studio version $ 350, but closer than I expected. overall sound is amazing. Bass is great. It does not feel the subwoofer in your ear, heartbeats by lady gaga but do not go in depth. I can not stop going through my old songs from the library again to hear them. It really makes your music sound different I've read say. lady gaga headphones I listen mainly to hip-hop, they are directed to complete the sound. Top Back TI, Lil Wayne "Milli" are both good capacity of these demo tracks. This kind of bass is where these headphones are off.Overall, these headphones are perfect. beats dre solo I was a little hesitant to spend $ 150 on it but I'm glad I did. Say they are good enough for me to write this review, I've never done.
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Dr. Dre Beats Are Very Large
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