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 The Clan Rules

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PostSubject: The Clan Rules   Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:00 pm


1. Follow all rules set by Jagex.
2. Respect the opinion of all others.
3. Be polite.
4. No flaming or spamming in the Clan Chat.
5. No inappropriate words or letter pictures, (You know what I mean).
6. Follow any directions from a high ranked Clan Member, (unless it goes against rule 1).
7. You must remain loyal to this Clan.
8. No making fun, or insulting other Clan Members.
9. Be in Clan World as much as you can, (World 76).
10. Be on Clan Chat at all times.
11. Go to as many Clan Events as possible, doing this may give you higher ranks.
12. All Clan Members must bump the Clan Thread as much as possible.
13 At Clan Events all must members must try to remember to wear the Clan Team Cape, Team Cape-49.
14. Help prospective new members join; be polite and friendly to them
15. Refer other clan members to this forum
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The Clan Rules
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